Rendezvous Islamabad; New Addition to Quality Restaurants in the City

A number of restaurants have opened up in Islamabad within a few years raising the competition many folds. Rendezvous Islamabad is one of the recent openings in the city which has established a strong foothold among other top eating out places in Islamabad.

Rawalpindi Rendezvous has already maintained its place in the hearts of the people with its top-notch menu topped with friendly environment and quality services. Rendezvous Islamabad, located at Gol Market, Street 4, F-7/3, Islamabad, is a great place to eat and it aims to follow the footsteps of Rawalpindi Rendezvous to offer the Islooites with the best ranking food. and Rendezvous Islamabad are planning to cull up to bring you once in a life time offer at an unbelievable discounted price. Rendezvous is located in the elite sector of Islamabad and is heaving with rich item in its lustrous carte du jour which includes hot and cold coffee selection, shakes, juices and mock tails, daiquiri, sandwiches and burgers, pizzas and pastas, appetizers, soups and salads, delicious desserts and the famed Rendezvous Sheesha bars.

Groupin’s discount packages never let down the customers in the past and Groupin aims to keep it that way. The previous discount meal deals including the Golden Spoon Burger deal, Chinese meal at Shifang and the sizzling steak at Clique Café were successful in stuffing up some happy customers. The Italian Pizza Zinger Burger is yet another hit that is on and running at at the moment.

At Rendezvous Islamabad might be the lucky one to get huge cut rates on Rendezvous Sheesha bars, or shakes, juices, cock tails or on pizzas, sandwiches and burgers or maybe for soups, appetizers and salads. So keep a keen eye on for yet another miraculous offer for you at Rendezvous.

Feel free to suggest the discount package that you want to see at Rendezvous Islamabad at Groupin’s “suggest a deal” module and won’t let you down.

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