Papasallis Islamabad, The Best Place for Italian Cuisine in Town

Pappasallis is oldest and the most popular Italian restaurant in Islamabad. No doubt Pappasallis is one of the best places for food lovers and the people who are fond of dining out Italian flavor with their friends and family. People of almost all ages equally admire Pappasallis menu including Pizzas, Steaks and Pastas. If you’re visiting Jinnah Super Market Islamabad and feeling like tasting some delicious Italian cuisine, Pappasallis would be your first choice. Besides lunch and dinner, Pappasallis is perfect choice for delicious hi-tea twice a week from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

In the past couple of years, the Pappasallis menu have gone out of reach for lot of people, just like it happened at any other top restaurant in the town. The rapid increase in the prices of basic ingredients, electricity and other essential elements of production are the core causes. Too many people feel reluctant going there, but is aiming to bring them back to their favorite Italian dine out outlet!

We’ve good news for people who love food at Pappasallis. wants to bring you your favorite food from Pappasallis at amazing discount and so we want to know, what exactly you want to be discounted. In order to get delicious Italian food at Pappasallis, suggest a deal of your choice and we’ll being it you with huge discount.

With the advent of, the menu items at Pappasallis can be made available to almost all Pappasallis lovers who have become rather sick and tired of increased prices. All you need to do is to suggest a deal from Pappasallis Islamabad, and will better take care of rest of the process. Let us know all what you want!

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4 Responses to Papasallis Islamabad, The Best Place for Italian Cuisine in Town

  1. symbol says:

    All Salad Pizza and Drink You can Eat Out for like around 600 bucks PKR would be a good choice

  2. symbol says:

    Or Some Deal Like Buy 1 Pizza and Get 1 Free.

  3. symbol says:

    Same Could go for the salad thing. I just love their salad. The two best salad things in town are either Papasallis and Rahat

  4. @Symbol

    Please, suggest all these items here ( so the team starts working on bringing the deal on board!


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