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Beyond the historical associations and the remaining realms of culture, the city of Lahore is a world-class entertainment retreat.  The city is brimming with top-notch culinary outlets, shopping centers and a bustling nightlife where the locals and tourists flock together.

Known for its eating lifestyle, a large part of Lahore indulges in cooking practices and is a hub of finest cuisines in the country. With the large database of consumers, which grew by 2 million from 1998 to 2010, Lahore is becoming the destination for high rate of rural migration.

It is startling that about 46 percent of the total income of a Pakistani is spent on food items, highest food consumption rate in the world and about half of that is due to Lahori cuisines. The increasing expenditure on the food costs in Lahore is basically a result of the tripling of food prices since 2008 and the calculated 15.01% increase in inflation by the end of March 2011 and the high population growth rate in the city.

Every man in Lahore, especially those in the suburbs, is greatly affected by these economic deficits where the food prices are very high and unstable. No food is grown within urban areas of the city and almost all poultry and 20 percent of vegetables come from peri-urban areas of Lahore. Malnutrition rates in Lahore are high and are linked to 50 per cent of impoverished infant and child deaths.

online shopping in is well aware of common man’s concerns in Lahore, and by using the popular trend of online shopping in Lahore it aims atleveraging the consumption power of common man. By taking the advantage of the  online shopping in Lahore extravaganza, will aim to facilitate the inflation stricken Lahori citizens. will soon emerge as a savior portal for online shopping in Lahore, as the successes of Groupin in Islamabad are testimony of its being a consumer friendly business model.

online shopping in Lahore

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