Online Buying in Pakistan Opening New Avenues For Pakistani Businesses

A new business when opens its eyes in a big city, it comes across several challenges. The biggest of all is to make its presence known to maximum number of customers in a limited time span. Traditional mediums of brand awareness are a big no for small business owners in current times of economic stress.

But for today’s small business owner options are not limited. He dwells in information age, where human societies are interconnected through the power of technology, where information travels faster than light. Rise of information technology, has completely altered lifestyles and particularly consumer habits. Consumers all over the world are shifting to online shopping portals, even online buying in Pakistan is becoming a popular trend. New media provides, small business owners with lucrative opportunities to mitigate all barriers lying in their path to success. has understood this fact that, online buying in Pakistan holds the potential to act as a messiah for small businesses. knows of ways to familiarize large number of consumers with a new product or service in the town.

Social networking has become a huge success in Pakistan and that too in a short span of time. More than half a million Pakistanis are habitual face book users, these figures show that local businesses now need to shift their eyes to online medium, as it is the place where their target market lies. is playing its effective role in mainstreaming the culture of online buying in Pakistan as online buying holds long term benefits for local Pakistani businesses. exposes new businesses to a consumer base with a strong online social presence, on social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc. This enables the news about a new product to spread virally online among potential consumers.

These online social networking sites attract millions of users daily from Pakistan.  These are the places that hold the potential to do miracles for a lesser known brand, and understands this fact fully.


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