Nanas Kitchen Islamabad: Mouth Watering Desserts and Confectionaries

NANA's Kitchen islamabad

About ten years ago, the city of Islamabad had a minified number of decent eating places where people would go out and have a dine night out. These places were mostly highly priced cuisines located at the hotels. People would go to Islamabad Club, Marriott Hotel or Holiday Inn with families to get a variety of dining options. Today, the fallacy of people taking Islamabad as the “city of dead people” where one used to find only snoozy places to dine out has changed. Now you can find a number of cuisines and cafés right around the corners, where people can enjoy quality meals and get supreme dessert options. Islamabad cafes and bistros are known for offering unique style delights and are spread out in almost all the sectors in the city. Nanas kitchen café Islamabad is one such bistro which has started out fresh and has gained immense popularity among those having a “sweet-tooth”.

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Positioned in sector F-6/3, House No.2 Hill Road, Nanas kitchen remains open from Mondays to Sundays, 12 to 12 hours. All items are prepared by Irene, Noreen (Irene’s mother) and Nana (Irene’s Grandmother). The secret Grandmother recipes had travelled through ages, hence bringing the most exquisite blends in all the delights which the Nanas Kitchen has to offer. You can find all kinds of all kinds of desserts and confectionaries as well as American (New and Traditional) food stuff, Brunch options as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, Burgers, Italian items, Cupcakes, Cakes, Sandwiches, coffee, drinks,  and steaks from its Steakhouses. Outdoor seating is also available so that you can enjoy in groups or with kids. The red gingham tablecloths and mismatched vintage crockery give Nana’s a homely and inviting atmosphere. Islooites can enjoy fine dining with by suggesting a deal for Nanas café at Various other bistros and restaurants which have added to the dining out craze in the society have been instigated by to its users including Italian Pizza, Da Smoke, Zefra Café, and Clique café.

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Nana’s Kitchen is basically the combination of love and passion of three generations for cooking. The only drawback this Islamabad café faces are the over the bar prices. Even a little cup of tea, which you can find in Rs. 20 from other places, will cost you a big fat cheque of Rs. 100. The sandwiches at Nanas café are no less than Rs. 250 and the soups costs even more. Such high prices have led people to other affordable places and Nanas Kitchen Islamabad remains isolated with only a few people showing up now and then. If you think the high costs should be lowered down and you get a discount package from any of Nanas Kitchen menu: soups, salads, appetizers, burgers & sandwiches, mock tails, tea, cold beverages, coffee, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, and Sunday brunch menus, then, the first ever discount shopping portal will help you out with its deals.

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