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Fashion is an important part to define a society and the professionals who are changing the record of the history and the current life styles are skilled fashion designers. Fashion design is an easy career path, yet demands creativity and various designing courses are taught in renowned institutions of Islamabad to those who want to choose this line as a career path.

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Fashion and designing is changing the lifestyles of the generations and fashion experts and designers are thus making the lives better. The fashion institutes in Islamabad are offering various designing courses including textile technology and designing, fashion illustration, sewing and draping, drawing fundamentals, pattern making and other designing techniques. Without the proper knowledge these factors which are the basics to fashion and designing, one cannot achieve his best as a fashion designer and by day by day repetition, the designs decline in its uniqueness.

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Institutes of designing in Islamabad meet the needs of the textile industry and to equip the young students with latest technology of the textile industry. If you are the one who has the “passion for fashion” and want to pursue your goals in life by getting admission in the best institute of designing in Islamabad then you can suggest a discount package at and seek huge discounts.

As a fashion designer you might want to get discount package on courses offered at different fashion designing institutes in the city, or you might seek discount packages on different shows and fashion platforms where you can participate with your creative ideas. Another problem might be the expenses you face while you plan to organize a fashion event of your own. Now you do not have to worry anymore as with discount packages, you can get all the discount packages that you seek for your fashion designing skills to grow and broadcast your creativity.

Pakistan fashion designing institutes

Islamabad College of Management & Design (ICMD), located at House# 29, F-8/1, focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration of fashion and offers design management programs covering all levels of design thinking, strategy, planning and management. National Textile Institute Islamabad (NTI) is another fashion designing institute at 18, Lukman Hakim Road, G/6 -3 Islamabad. NTI is known for successfully grooming the young designers and fashion researchers with proper education and skills. They offer various designing programs in their Department of Textile and Fashion Designing for female students including Intermediate, Bachelors and Masters Degree courses in Textile & Fashion Designing.

The Department of Fashion & Textile Designs at Iqra University Islamabad offer two designing courses including Bachelor of Fashion Design and Bachelor of Textile Design. The per credit tuition fees for BA in Fashion Designing and for BA in Textile Design it is Rs. 3450/- separately. In addition to Tuition fee students are also required to deposit Rs. 8000/- as admission fee among other charges.

You can ask for Groupin favors and get a package at much lowered rates which would turn the frowns into smiles. All you have to do is to “suggest the deal” which you want to see at and which had caused you much trouble financially in becoming a hurdle for your dream to come true as a fashion designer. Ask all your other friends to poll in with you and get all sort of fashion designing deals that you seek from the Islamabad institutes of fashion and designing. has served its valued customers in the cities of Lahore and Islamabad with the provision of discounts on many fashion beauty salons and has also provided with lower rates on designer clothing and apparel to the commoners such as on Haircut at Depilex in Islamabad, Blow dry and hair styling at Sunuba in Lahore, and on Tommy Hilfiger shirts in Islamabad. You can also log in and search through the upcoming trendy deals on in these cities on the blog page.

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