Eid ul fitr 2011: Time for Eid Gifts and Eidi For Kids

eid gifts 2011

Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity,” while Fiṭr means “original nature,” implying the restoration of one’s best human composition. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal.

Islamic customs for Eid ul fitr

The night before Eid is called Chaand Raat, which means, night of the moon. People often visit bazaars and shopping malls, with their families and children, for last minute Eid shopping looking for Eid clothes. Women, especially young girls, often paint each others’ hands with traditional Mehndi and wear colourful bangles. Here you can find some of the best Mehndi Samples to apply: Best Eid Mehndi Designs. Also Check out 2011 Eid Dresses and celebrate Eid ul fitr 2011 with style.

The Eid-ul-Fitr is a three day celebration. In the Islamic countries people greet each other with “Eid Mubarak” and offer “Eid prayers”. Many Islamic countries have their own greetings based on local language and traditions.  For example in Turkey  a typical saying might be Bayramınız kutlu olsun or “May your Bayram – Eid – be blessed.” Muslims are also encouraged on this day to forgive and forget any differences or past animosities that may have occurred with others during the year.

eidi for eid ul fitr

General rituals of Giving Gifts:

The culture of offering friendly greetings on Eid  is usually accompanied by exchange of gifts and sweets among adults, and small amounts of money called as Eidi that the elders gift to youngsters.

Eid celebration cards

In pre-colonial times, poets and courtiers even recited eulogies for kings and nobles on the day of Eid to be rewarded with khil’ats; a special honorific robe; by the ruler.

In some Muslim families, children wrote messages of greetings and salutations; often in verses on pieces of paper with colorful borders and presented to their elders. According to a journalist these written messages were originally called Eidi. The Eidi’s were personally prepared messages exchanged among family members or friends to be rewarded with money in return.

eidi 2011

Eidi Trends and Ideas for Eid ul fitr 2011

In the subcontinent, presenting of money to the children on Eid ul fitr is a very common trend. Such custom is known as giving “Eidi”. In many cultures, instead of giving money as a reward after the month of Ramadan, Gifts on Eid are frequently given to children and immediate relatives. In Pakistan it is also common for children to be given small sums of money by adult relatives or friends.

eidi for eid eidi for eid 1000

As the Eid ul fitr 2011 comes near people start making a budget for the upcoming Eid to present the young ones Eidi for Eid. The element of surprise certainly adds luster to a gift. It would be great if you know the likes and dislikes of the kids. You can plan a new unique way of giving Eidi for Eid ul fitr 2011 by presenting children with special gifts.

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