Crossroads Islamabad, Summers & Winters Clothing Collection with Huge Discounts

Islamabad is known for its burgeoning fashion industry which is evolving every day. This local fashion industry has developed massively in the last decade and as it still continues to expand as more and more people are learning new ways of to adopt such new trends.

Various branded outlets have opened up in Islamabad which has made trend and fashion easily accessible for the Islooites. Among such outlets, Crossroads Islamabad rings a familiar bell to the ears. At the Crossroads you will get all sorts of quality products which ranges from Crossroads Clothing such as jeans, trousers, kurtis, t-shirts and shirts etc. among other superior things including shoes, accessories, belts, handbags, scarves, shoes, hats, costume jewelry, wallets and eye wear. All these products make Crossroads Islamabad a true fashion icon for both men and women. Crossroads in Islamabad has three locations, i.e. Jinnah Super Market, Blue Area and F 11 Markaz. has planned to bring Crossroads Islamabad and the most popular Crossroads clothing to the streets of Islamabad. Now with discounted prices at, spreading of the fashion love from Crossroads stores to the Islooites would not be a problem. Crossroads Clothing has been released two times annually; one is released in the spring/ summer and another in autumn/winter. has aimed to collaborate with the extensive fashion and style industry in the capital city of Pakistan, Crossroads and to bring the people with endless possibilities to change their boring wardrobes. With exclusive discounts on Crossroads Clothing and style accessories everyone can live on hi standards.

At the Crossroads collections are known by their names; the most famed Crossroads Clothing collections include Juice (in summer 2004), Chocolatey (in winter 2004), Graffiti (in summer 2005), Paparazzi (in winter 2005), Crush (in summer 2006), Phunkaville (in winter 2006), Glam (in summer 2007), Revolution (in winter 2007), Havana (in summer 2008), Cult (in winter 2008), Pop (in summer 2009), Liberashion (in winter 2009), Rio (in summer 2010), M.Y.T.H (in winter 2010) and now in Summer 2011 the latest Crossroads trend has come up with the name of “Grease”.

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