Chen One Islamabad, Select a Deal From Furniture and Fabric

ChenOne is the name which has changed the lifestyles of people, for sure in all the major cities of Pakistan.  As the millennium takes a turn the sense of fashion flows among the commoners residing in the country and sweeps them off the conformist ideas. ChenOne has brought a touch of grace and all the shades of rainbow to the homes of Pakistanis.

ChenOne Islamabad, at a glance:

In 1997, Chen One opened its first branch in Jinnah Super, Islamabad. This was the first store of its kind in Pakistan offering the complete range of Fashion clothing & foot wear, Bed Linen, Kitchen Accessories and Furniture. The tremendous success and acceptance of the idea reflected the maturity of our customers on one hand, and on the other hand, prompted ChenOne to open branches nationally & internationally. Today, ChenOne aims to establish a successful chain of 50 stores in Pakistan by the end of 2015 while maintaining its image as one of the largest exporters of home textile products from all over the country.

Chen One Islamabad takes high class living & alluring lifestyle a step further in Islamabad. With the aim of providing optimal product mix, ChenOne Pakistan has tailored its services to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers with the provision of best possible quality products. It’s not only a fashion outlet but a complete home solution. From bijou home decoration items to exquisite bed sheets to ultra graceful and stylish ChenOne furniture, it has a whole wide range of interior items.

ChenOne and is planning to give you another one of its deal that would add to the extravagance so, this time we want to facilitate people with lucrative discount packages on daily purchases including clothing, drapery, bedding, furniture etc. Get online today at, and suggest to us the things you want to see on discounts from bed-linen, cushions, curtains, rugs, upholstery, lamps & lamp shades to clothing, furniture, bath & kitchen accessories and other home apparels.

With Groupin’s plans for expansion and introduction of new deals and brands in the city, people will get satisfied with the packages as well as the services.  Some of the previous deals which have left a smile on the faces of customers include the sugar deal in Islamabad, petrol deal in Lahore, fast food deals, Clinic services, and deals for gadgets, gizmos and a variety of other accessories items on huge reduced prices. Do check out the active deals in the city!

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One Response to Chen One Islamabad, Select a Deal From Furniture and Fabric

  1. muhammad afsar khan says:

    i am given some suggestion to the authority f chen one
    1. all teh items alongwith price show in the webside of chenone as compared metro
    now the clients are seen on net every things alongwith rates and then decided to where go if you are provided th articls alongwith rates list because the chenone begning the departmental store in pakistan and also given sale offer to the lower income people during sale mella

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