Chaman Ice cream Lahore; A Perfect Treat for summers with Big Savings

One good thing that you easily find in Lahore is good and reasonable eat-out places. No matter what you might be looking or want to eat, the city of Lahore is full of such places that offer some quality food with taste, comfort and convenience. After you have your lunch or dinner, you often look for something refreshing so as to wipe off the acidic effects of the spicy meal. Having some good quality ice-cream, enriched with creamy milk can prove to be refreshing and at the same time relaxing. In the city like Lahore there are many ice-cream parlors and caf├ęs, but the most reasonable one is the Chaman ice-cream parlor.

Chaman ice cream lahore

Situated in Faisal Town on Maulana Shaukat Ali Raod, the Chaman ice-cream parlor is a place liked by majority of ice-cream lovers in Lahore. The Chaman ice-cream for this reason is also known as the ice-cream of Pakistan. Their specialty is Pistachio flavor which has lots of pistachios in it which is an expensive fruit here in Pakistan and not used that frequently. Besides a number of ice-cream flavours, Chaman ice-cream offers some excellent ice-cream milkshakes as well. Most people who pass through Mall Road or have anything to do at Hall Road; the Chaman Ice cream parlor is a must-stop place for them particularly during the days of summer.

chaman ice cream chaman interior Chaman Falsa Juice

There is a hub of ice-cream lovers who want to have it every now and then. The kids in particular take ice-cream as a part of their daily diet as it is enriched with sweetish and milky stuff. The remarkable increase in the prices of milk products and sugar is making the price of this beloved edible item day by day. A scoop at Chaman ice-cream which was for Rs.25 has now gone up to Rs.50 within less than four years time. Nevertheless, aims to make unaffordable things affordable for its users offering discounts on daily purchases upto as much as 90%. The Chaman ice-cream lovers in Lahore can simply let know about their favourite flavor over the website by clicking on suggest a deal icon as shown below. will make their desired item much affordable for them than they would have ever experienced.

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Those who want to know more about must visit the website. There have been many deals going live in the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. The users in Lahore should simply stay tuned to enjoy some more lucrative deals in near future.

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