Cave Restaurant Islamabad, Best Steak from Menu with Appetizer & Fresh Lemonade for 51% off.

Ever had a food so good that made you lick the whole plate clean? Well it is time to do all that as has brought to the city of Islamabad and Rawalpindi a chance for you to steal the sizzling, scrumptious steak deal today and indulge yourself in delightful bliss of flavors.

Even the name of Cave Diner in Islamabad initiates the taste buds and brings water to the mouth. All such environs with a touch of mesmerizing music and spellbinding fragrance will make you feel as if “the Flintstones animations” have come to reality.

With Groupin’s recent Cave special deal you will now be able to avail a Rs. 1,217 worth meal at only Rs. 599, that is to say, with a saving of 51% discount you can either opt for the cooked perfection of any juicy steak from the menu or grab any one of your favourite Cave Fave.

The Cave Islamabad an underground Steak house in the city has the ambiance of a real cave with all rock shelters, sea caves, and grottos and all the terms that applies to natural cavities which exists in caves. The Stoneage décor at Cave is not just an idyllic country retreat but the heavenly food platters and the enchanting steaks caters to all the irrefutable human needs.

Through this Groupin’s Cave Special deal you can savor from a variety of appetizers and a fresh glass of lemonade, while you enjoy life to its fullest with your choice of Cave deal from the lustrous “Cave cuenta del precio” at just Rs. 599.

Isn’t this the most irresistible deal of the century? Then what are you waiting for? Get hold of such a blasting 51% off before July 14, 2011 and plan to dine out with your family and friends.

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