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6.5 million People dwell in Lahore, disturbingly half of its population is composed of low income groups, who are worst affected by serious food security crisis currently plaguing the city. Hence Lahori consumers are paying higher than necessary prices in order to access basic necessities of life.

Prices of edibles and other commodities of life in Lahore have surged to an unbelievable level, as a result majority of Lahori households are spending half of their incomes on essential food items and at the end are left with meager amounts for health care and child education. Though this is the story of every other Pakistani but Lahore being capital center of agriculturally rich province stands out prominent., Pakistan’s first online group purchase portal is all set to make it’s mark in Lahore. Groupin’s consumer friendly deals will surely compel masses to buy online in Lahore.’s first deal was the most successful one which sold out 1000 coupons in just a week’s time, it came out with a slogan “movement against inflation”, and offered 1 kg sugar bag for just Rs 25. through this discount deal proved that even in current times rates of staple food items can be brought to amazingly low levels. Groupin  has not limited its services to the needs of any one class, it shall surely extend the benefits to buy online in Lahore to the ones who deserve them the most.

Therefore plans to launch its online group purchase portal soon in Lahore, though it will not be the first one, as people are already using a group purchase portal to buy online in Lahore. But people would definitely find more effective, and will experience the real time benefits of buying at Groupin’s portal.


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  1. John Kim says:

    this group purchase idea is a strange concept to me

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