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Business has become the talk of the town among various online channels and the media fraternity. Recently a Karachi based website:.  Business Recorder, in its BR Research column, provided an insight to the swift functioning of as an online portal in the cities of Pakistan and the upcoming competitions this online business model will face in the field of online shopping in Pakistan with the emergence of other entrepreneurs.

Business Recorder lets you stay updated with Business News, Pakistan news, current world news and on latest top stories, entertainment, business, cricket, politics, and more. In its online edition on June 28th, Business Recorder provide highlights about the Groupin buying model, a copy-concept of of United States, and the establishment of an online buying community with the help of in major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore in a short span of time. The report also discusses the future extension of its services in Karachi in the coming days and to other cities in the near future.

In the BR Research column, the payment modes that have been prevailing in the society have been greatly criticized as these are creating hurdles for the users. These modes are a result of the growing suspicion among the limited online user groups who want to get facilitated with such an online shopping discount portal. The report shared the views of the Editor of, Aamir Attaa by asserting  that “Relatively low penetration of the internet in the country and the lack of an online payment gateway have so far been major stumbling blocks for such ventures in Pakistan.”

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Business Recorder draws to the attention of the readers about the lagging of the governmental and regulatory authorities, especially Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, which has created the lagging of online payment modes. introduced the concept of “cash-on-delivery” payment modes but even that are susceptible to many factors.

Business Recorder also envisaged the coming of another online portal in this lightning fast online shopping scenario – a Karachi-based venture named “47th Avenue”. A sturdy image of the “47th Avenue” has been conveyed in the post which states that: “The new entrant whose name is inspired by the countrys year of independence, 1947; is hoping to give Groupin a run for its money with a trendy, graphics laden website designed to hook the attention of browsing audiences.”

The BR Research column also scorned the sluggish governmental departments, and reported that various innovative Pakistani entrepreneurs such as and the anticipated “47th Avenue” are the “reliable, easy-to-use internet payment gateways” which would serve the national interests of Pakistan; though the onus of expediting their introduction still lies with PTA.

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