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Life is short and you have to “Live to eat” when you can have the best cuisines, restaurants and bistros in town. Islamabad has a variety of eating places where people unite together to enjoy the flavors that are offered at the city. You can find all sorts of cuisines which offer amazing meals and find the fresh baked confectioneries from top bakeries in Islamabad. will not only help you find the best bakeries in Islamabad with its reviews but will also help you get discount deals on them. If you plan to get the best cake for a birthday of your dearest Bake Well or Rahat Bakers, are the bakeries in Islamabad you can get the freshest and the tastiest of all the confectionaries. Also the recently opened Bake World bakery in Islamabad has come to town with the provision of “fresh out of the oven” bakery products which will cater to all the needs of those who like fresh and spongy.

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BakeWorld bakers is one bakery in Islamabad which is worth mentioning due to its spanking fresh cakes, pastries, biscuits, doughnuts, breads, snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, shakes, smoothies, ice creams and so much more. Located at Jinnah Super Market Islamabad near the Café Grind diner, BakeWorld bakers has maintained its quality in serving the best baked products. From outside the shop you can view their freshly baked breads and delicious cakes which are so tempting that you have to go in and take a piece of them. It is a nice place where you can go and sit to have an ice-cream shake, available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mango, caramel etc. The captivating aroma indulges you in its charms as soon as you enter the shop and one you come in you leave impressed by the friendly staff, hygienic food and quality bakery products.

Bakeworld bakers in islamabad Bakeworld Bakers would like to enlighten your taste buds with the delights which the BakeWorld bakers in Islamabad have to offer. All the delicacies from specialty beverages, cakes, pastries, to breads, sandwiches and pizzas you can enjoy a bit of everything with the help of Groupin packages. aims to bring the bakeries in Islamabad at discounted rates so that people can enjoy the sweet frostings of life. If you are a sweet tooth, want to take the yummiest pizza to your friend’s birthday party or want to surprise your mommy with her favourite cake then suggest a deal at so that you can avail a best value pack – a freshly baked BakeWorld bakers desserts at amazingly lowered rates. Enjoy all the deserts till feel the adrenaline rushing with all the sugariness.


You can always make a treat or a party more special by topping the deals for bakeries in Islamabad like this one with other discount offers on famous restaurants in Islamabad. Avail the Da Smoke Special Steak, or look out for a deal at Boiler Room Islamabad or Cafe 1969 Islamabad and enjoy a whole meal package crowned with your favourite dessert at BakeWorld bakers in Islamabad.

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